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About the Italian Lakes

The main Italian Lakes are Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, all at the feet of the Alps, with beautiful views, elegant villas and islands to explore. All the lakes have warmer weather patterns than the surrounding mountains thanks to the warming influence of the large body of water. See houses on the lakes here: Villas on the Italian Lakes

Lake Como

Lake Como is well known as a popular lake with the elegant set – now home to George Clooney, it was also favoured by Pliny the Younger, 2000 years ago, when he built his ‘Tragedia‘ and ‘Commedia‘ resorts. The ferry service on Lake Como is excellent and it is delightful to explore the many beautiful villas and villages with these charming vessels that criss cross the lake.

Boats on the Lake at sunset

Boats on the Lake at sunset

See houses on lake Como here: Villas on Lake Como

Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is a very long lake, extending for 68 kms, and is partly in the Ticino region of Switzerland. As the other 2 lakes, Lake Maggiore also enjoys balmy weather conditions and this has lead to its islands having beautiful gardens established upon them. In the 16th century the Palazzo Borromeo was built on Isola Bella, the largest of the islands, and surrounded with botanic gardens; designed “all’inglese” (in the English Style) with seven main terraces, they remain largely unchanged and can be visited via ferry from Stresa.

Canobbio on the shores of Lake Maggiore

Canobbio on the shores of Lake Maggiore

See houses on lake Maggiore here: Villas on Lake Maggiore

Lake Garda

The largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda is north of Verona and seems jammed into the Alps to the north, with a long narrow branch reaching north. Treasured since Roman times for its mellow climate, visitors can still visit the remains of the Roman Spa called the Grotte di Catullo, after the Roman post Catullus who had a villa on the lake. There are many islands on the lake, the largest one being Isola del Garda, owned by the Borghese-Cavazza family whose predecessors built a startling Neo-Gothic palace on the island.